Chroma-Key Studio Photography
More commonly known as 'green screen' imagery, our chroma-key system isolates guests from a colored backdrop and places them wherever their imagination can go. If you can imagine it… we can create it. Our proprietary capture systems feature easy subject isolation- pulling the guests off of the backdrop quickly and effectively. And our on-the-fly editing tools allow operators to tailor the cutout of a capture, scale, rotate and place the guests into our virtual scenes. Our system also handles multiple captures, dynamic layering, editable text fields and decals.

Covered from loop to loop
Our design team specializes in creating suitable scenes for any photo experience. From custom backdrops and branded artwork to world-famous locations and classic movie scenes. Whatever your attraction or events theme may be, we create immersive and entertaining scenes for your guests to enjoy. Delivering backdrops and environments that range from fantastical and fun to the impossibly amazing, our chroma studios capture photos and videos that take guests to a whole other world.

Have An Attraction, Promotion or Location?

Green-screen photography can promote or enhance your guest’s experience, as well as provide an interactive photograph otherwise not possible through traditional photography. Don’t have much space? Not a problem! Our green-screen studios can accommodate most floor plans. Ranging from full hangers to more compact mobile studios. Whether you want to isolate an X-Wing Fighter or your favorite costumed character, our systems deliver high-quality green-screen experience no matter what the scale. Call us today to discover what our chroma systems can do for your guests!

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