Cheetah Hunt Ride Video Launches
May 27th 2011, Tampa FL

Colorvision International Inc. partners with Busch Gardens Tampa to bring ride photo and video system to the new Cheetah Hunt rollercoaster.

Cheetah Hunt takes guests on a wild ride designed to embrace the swiftness and dexterity of the majestic cheetah. Using magnet launchers, guests accelerate from ‘zero to cheetah’ in less than three seconds, rocketing them along 4,429 feet of track spanning the entire park, at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour. Using state of the art off board camera capturing systems Colorvision’s ride video is able to capture the guests on this wild ride with still photography and video. Multiple capture points film guests at over 200 frames per second in high-definition resolutions. Combine this footage with engaging graphics and visual effects and the end result is nothing like any other ride video out there.

All shots of the guests are rendered into a fully themed video which is delivered on site at the ride’s gift shop. Ride videos and photos can be easily viewed and purchased using Colorvision’s proprietary touch screen kiosk systems allowing easy access to guests and expedited fulfillment for the attraction’s team members. Guest names are inputted during the ordering process and will appear though out the video to further customize their souvenir DVD.

Colorvision also developed the queue-line videos for the attraction, promoting the various photo and video products available to guests whilst highlighting the excitement of the ride itself while riders wait to board. Colorvision’s ride video systems are already in use in the park offering photo and video at the fan favorite Sheikra coaster, as well as photo delivery systems on Gwasi, Kumba, and Sand Serpent attractions. Colorvision’s patented, off-board video capture system is in use across the country at other Sea World Parks and Universal Studios attractions.

Colorvision has over 30 years experience in the digital imaging business: We have the skills and knowledge to create a specific solution for you based on your specific needs and desires. From roving, hot set and chroma-key photography to ride photos and videos; whatever you can imagine, we can create. Featured at premier attractions across the globe, Colorvison’s capture systems bring smiles to the faces of thousands of guests each year offering numerous souvenir products to help capture fond memories and exciting adventures.