What We Do
When it comes to digital photography it's more a question of 'what don't we do?'. Colorvision has its finger on the pulse of souvenir photography and image capture technologies, as such offers a wide variety of services and products to our partners.

Amazing Pictures
The evolution of Dick Simmons 'heads on bodies' system. Amazing Pictures allow guests to become a part of their favorite shows, movies and experiences by digitally adding them into the action. Pulling from a wide library of licensed brands ranging from Star Wars to Disney princesses our collection is fully customizable and ever growing.

Roving Photo and Location Photography
Operating in multiple theme parks across the country our roving photography staff capture memories for families to truly treasure. With customized artwork borders and decals tailored to each location, our roving photos can enhance our professional photographs beyond anything you can take with your own camera.

Chroma Studios
More commonly known as 'green screen' imagery, our chroma-key systems isolate guests from a simple backdrop and place them wherever their imagination can go. Delivering backdrops and environments that range from fantastical and fun to the impossibly amazing, our chroma studios capture photos and videos that take guests to a whole other world.

Ride Photo & Video Systems
Whether it's proof of your extreme experiences or simply capturing an unforgettable face, Colorvision ride capture products are the perfect souvenir. Our ride videos push it to the next level with professional levels of video production and custom camera installations capable of capturing guest's images on any ride.

Online Retail Stores
In addition to maintaining and staffing stores in theme parks and at a wide variety of attractions, we also offer customers the ability to purchase images and photo products online through our custom build image editor and storefronts. Each themed to match the attraction the picture was taken at.

Special Event Photography
We can develop custom photograph borders and Amazing Pictures to enhance any occasion from tradeshow booths to galas and ticketed events. We offer onsite and online fulfillment to bring an amazing experience to everyone in attendance.

Photo Marketing & Data Harvesting
What do you want to know about your customers? Our flexible system is completely customizable to your business, and allows you to get the information you want. Through the Photo Marketing process you can ask the questions you need answered in a way not possible before, all while your customers have a smile on their faces.

Customized Touch-Screen Kiosks
Our programming department has developed a touch-screen kiosk system unlike anything our competitors offer. We bring the intuitive touch screen control of an ATM and combine it with advanced image editing and customization seen on premier photography websites, on-site.

My NameMaker Stations
These family friendly kiosks allow guests to enter their names to create printed nametag keepsakes in a variety of themes. Easy to use and fun for everyone My NameMaker stations are the perfect addition to an arcade, lobby or gift shop, providing a one-of-a-kind souvenir built by the guest, for the guest.